Please remember that Scout forms are revised on a regular basis. Make sure you are using the most current one. Forms for training Awards are located in the Training Section.

Important Forms To Have

What do you do if a Scout has lost his Eagle Project Guide or a New Den Leader asks a question about where this or that goes on her uniform? You don't have time for Council to send you a blank copy of a Local Tour Permit and then send it back in time for your units trip to a Baseball game. Where can you get the forms you need? Below is a list of commonly used forms that you may need. These are all PDF documents so you will need to go to to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print each form. For additional forms, go too National's web site.

Below are links to copies of Official Boy Scout forms

Cub-Webelos Uniform Inspection Sheet - Learn where all of the patches and stuff goes on a Cub and Webelos Uniform.
Cub Den Meeting Program - This form helps you organize your meeting.
Cub Den Record - A great record to keep attendance and dues as well as a form to record each den member and follow their advancement 
Eagle Project Workbook.pdf - The Adobe .pdf version of the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Wordbook 
Eagle Project Workbook.doc - The MS Word version of the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook 
Eagle Scout Application - A color copy of the back and front of the Eagle Scout Application
Adult Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet - Learn where male adult leaders place patches on their uniforms. 
Historic Trails Award Application - Use this form when you submit for the Historic Trails Award
Individual Scout Record - A record that deals with attendance and advancement of each Scout
Journey to Excellence Score Cards - User to record J to E results
Local Tour Permit - The form you send to Council when your group is having an event outside of the area
National Tour Permit - For traveling beyond 500 miles one way from home area or International travel 
Medical 1 and 2 Form - A medical history form.
Medical Form 3 - For those who need a physical 
Merit Badge Councilor Form - To register you as a Merit Badge Councilor
Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet - This sheet tells Scouts where their patches should go
Transfer Form - Occasionally Scouts move. Use this form to document the scout's advancements for his new unit
Unit Advancement Form - A copy of the three part Advancement form you sent to Council when your Scouts make and advancements
Unit Money Earning Application - Fill out and send this form to Council if your group plans a money making project. It is not needed if you are selling popcorn.
Veteran Application Form - If you include any youth and adult participation in the Scouts, do you have 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years. Fill out this form and send it to Council for veteran status.
If you need a form that is not included above, contact your District Executive or Council.