Commissioner Corner

Your district has several different types of commissioners. The District Commissioner is responsible for all of the commissioners within the district and is responsible to the Council Commissioner. He may have one or more Assistant District Commissioner who are responsible for groups of the Unit Commissioners. The District Commissioner is also responsible for the monthly Roundtables. His Roundtable Commissioners and their staff, organize and put on each of the monthly roundtables.

Unit Commissioners

These experienced and trained commissioners are responsible for four or five units within the district. They work with Cub and Boy Scout units clustered within a geographic area. For example, Conway has several commissioners. There are commissioners in Socastee, Myrtle Beach, Marion County, North Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach areas.

Unit Commissioners can help with:
Getting your adults trained
Events and activities
Scouting policies and procedures
Solving problems
Getting resources
Help setting up new units
Teaching scouters and parents

Unit Commissioners drop by meetings, contact your Committee Chair, COR and Cub/Boy Scout Leaders. Unit Commissioners are another tool to assist you and your troop or pack.

We can always use more Unit Commissioners.

Roundtable Commissioners and their staff

Every month (not including June or July) the district holds a roundtable. This is a gathering of Cub and Boy Scout leaders with the intent to pass on information and do some training. The meetings are at the Pentecostal Church on Main Street, Conway between 9th and 10th. For the first twenty minutes we give out information important to both Cub and Boy Scout leaders. Things like upcoming activities,training, new policies, and information the council wants all to have. 

After this, the Cubs and Boy Scouts separate. Assistant District Commissioner for Round Table, Diane Bauer has a Cub Scout and Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner to over see monthly roundtable. Each Roundtable Commissioner has trained staff member to assist them. The Cub break into Cub and Webelos topics. After about a half hour both groups get together with Cub Roundtable Commissioner Katie Brown for additional information. The Boy Scout break out is the responsibility of Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Neal Sarvis and his staff.

There are times when there is a joint Cub and Boy Scout training. For example in the fall we generally have a joint training on Youth Protection. In the spring we plan on a joint training on CPR and water safety.

At times the District Training Committee also provide training during Roundtable times. 

Commissioners Council

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