Training Awards

Leadership and Training Awards

Below are links to copies of Official Cub and Boy Scout forms. These forms are updated on a regular basis. Please make sure you are completing the most current requirements. When you have completed the requirements, forward to the Chairman of the District Training Chairman. 

Tiger Den Leader Award 
Den Leader Award
Webelos Den Leader
Cubmaster Award
Cub Scouter Award
Scouter's Training Award
Scoutmaster's Key
District Committee Key
Unit Commissioner Key
District and Assistant District Commissioner Key
Roundtable Commissioner Key
Roundtable Staff Award 

Scoutmaster Award of Merit

Do you have this patch on your sleeve? It indicates you have been threw the appropriate training for the position you hold in your unit, district or council. The training may have been several hours or several days. It was provided by the District or Council Training Committee. The training followed the official BSA syllabus. There probably were several video presentations. Just because you have completed the course doesn't mean that is all the training you need. There is additional training available.


Once a month Cub and Boy Scout leaders meet to learn what events are scheduled in the district and council. During that meeting Cub leaders gather together to discuss related information, problems, hints and ideas. The Boy Scout leaders do the same.

Leadership and Training Awards

The Boy Scout Leadership and Training Awards are awards presented to Scouters who have completed the requirements of the specific award. It requires training in the job you perform as well as tenure in that job. There usually is additional requirements. Many of the requirements, you may have competed if you have been doing the job for a number of years. To the left is the requirement cards for each of the awards. Use the card to indicate you have completed each requirement. When you have completed all of the requirements for an award, present your card to the District Training Chairman.