Chicora Spark Plug Award

Within a unit there are usually one or two people that keep a unit going. They spark the unit to accomplish much. They are always willing to put a hand in to get projects done. They don't mind grilling hamburgers for the pack or troop or clean up and wash the dishes afterwards. They always have great ideas and are willing to share the work load. We recognize these people at the District Court of Honor, with the Spark Plug Award. It is an award and certificate. Each unit can nominate two people for this award each year. Contact Rick Curran with the name of units nominees by mid January. Unlike the other two awards below, a person can receive more than one Spark Plug.


District Award of Merit

Each year Chicora Scouters are recognized for their good works. The District Award of Merit is given to two or three Cub or Boy Scout leaders who serve not only a unit but, also the District. They may be a Camp-O-Ree Chief, a member of a District Committee or one of those ready and willing to assist in Unit and District activities. These people may also be involved with children within their church or community. They may be a sports coach or Sunday School teacher. Those receiving this award usually have served for from three to five years or more in Scouting.

You may nominate a person who you feel is qualified by filling out the District Award of Merit form and giving it to Rick Curran, the District Advancement Chairman, before the December Round Table. At that Round Table, a community made up of former recipients of the District Award of Merit will make their recommendations to Council. The award is usually given during the District Court of Honor in February. This is done in a manor so that the recipient is not aware of his or her nomination. The more you can fill out on the form, the better chance your nominee may receive the award. Two or three are commonly awarded each year. List of previous recipients.

Silver Beaver

The Silver Beaver is the highest award a council can give. It is an award given by Councils to those Scouters who serve Scouting at the Council level. About eleven Silver Beavers are given out at the Council Banquet yearly. Those who receive this award commonly have been active in Scouting for ten or more years.

You may nominate someone for the Silver Beaver Award by filling out the Silver Beaver form and submitting it to Council by the end of December. You need to put as much information on the form, about the candidate, as possible including both Scouting and non Scouting activities. Earning the Silver Beaver Award is a significant accomplishment. List of previous recipients from Chicora District.