While much of Scoutdom goes on vacation in the summer...

posted Aug 25, 2014, 8:10 PM by Chicora District   [ updated Aug 25, 2014, 8:10 PM ]
Fellow Scouters,

While much of Scoutdom goes on vacation in the summer (less meetings and more fun events outdoors), the district is on overdrive trying to do things we haven't had a minute to do all year. It is a time to regroup and make changes for the upcoming year. Many of us are planing, reorganizing and replaning to make sure that we have everything ready for launch.

Communications is a very important part of the district program. On a Big Gray Boat, if the Bowswain doesn't call over the squawk box that there is a big storm coming then the cook won't know he is going to have to make aches of PB&J sandwiches and an ocean of coffee. The deck people won't know to tie down anything loose on the deck and the crew won't know that nobodies going to get any sleep tonight.

The same thing happens in Scoutdom. If you don't get the flyer about the Expo, you may miss out on a great event. Or maybe it is on training. Scouts deserve trained leaders but if you don't know about Rusty's BALOO coming up, you may not be able to take your Cubs on a camping trip later this fall. Where do you find out about these things, try the email blasts, the www.chicorad.com website, Facebook page and most important, from August to June there is Roundtable every month. 30 to 60 scouters get together and pass the word about things on the calendar, training, the latest information about cub and boy scouting as well as venturing. There are changes in the wind for each of these programs. Don't miss out.

What good is it if we don't test the system out every once and a while. Today, we are going to test out the email blast system. Everyone in the district that we have an email address on is getting this blast. Our present system has almost 200 names. We know that we have names in every Cub and Boy Scout unit in the district. If you find some of your people are not getting the email blast it is because we do not have their information. If this is the case, click on the reply button and give us their Unit, name, and email address and we will add them to the list. 

On the other hand, if you no longer want to be on the email list, send me an email and in the subject line, type unsubscribe and punch the send button. 

"I know that I am on the list but never get any email!" If this is the situation, I can send you lots of mine. It may be that the email address you sent us way back then was from a business or school account. Most of Horry County School email addresses do not serve our email to you. There are a couple of others that we get mail bounced back to us. Email me an address that will work better for you.

People change their phone numbers quicker than their email addresses. It might be that we are sending email to an account which is no longer in use. 

How does the system work? We have three lists. You are on at least one. One of the lists are for Cub People. When we get cub information, the Cub People only get it. 

The second group is only for Boy Scout People. They don't get a flyer about Pinewood Derby Rules. They may get an email from Mary asking for help on a Cub Scout event. When Troop 804 invites all of the troops to the flour wars in January, you can expect information on that because every scout that has been in this area always want to not miss flour wars.

The third group is everyone. Many of our blasts go to this group.

Some time between now and August Launch I will be sending out another email to the Cub only list and the Boy Scout only list. If you get both it may mean you are a Commissioner or member of the District Committee. Their names appear on both lists. I guess they are just special. (8

One last word, we do not use your email address for any other reason than the email blasts. You will notice that we sent this message (like always) as a BCC so you don't get a long list of list members in your email. So if all of a sudden you get lots of spam selling apple peelers or time shares, it didn't come from us.8)

So if you don't get your PB&J sandwich, you know nobody woke up the cook.

Rick Curran
Unit Commissioner