This is your last chance...

posted Jan 3, 2018, 9:52 PM by Chicora District   [ updated Jan 3, 2018, 9:52 PM ]
Don't you hate that? Then two weeks later you get  the  "This is the very  last change".  Then  there is the "It has been extended  for just a little bit longer".

I hate it too, but I need your units Spark Plug  nominations by January Roundtable so I can make them up for February Roundtable which is the Chicora District Court of Honor. That is February first 2018. If  you ask me in the  middle of January if we could award Sam and Sally a Spark Plug, it is probably going to be too late. 

Let me remind you about the Spark Plug Award. Each  unit can send me the names of two scouters that deserve recognition from your unit (Pack, Troop, Ship, or Crew). Give it to me on a piece of paper at January Roundtable. Include their names and the unit type and number (Jack Walker and Mary Short, Pack 862). Or email the names and unit type and number to and I will make sure they get their award at the February Court of Honor Roundtable.

Who are these people who deserve this honor. They are easy to spot within your unit. They are always there helping. They don't mind washing pans and pots. They don't mind getting dirty and a bit smokey at camp outs or glued upon while doing crafts. You know this person. they have great ideas and resources. They made the unit run smoothly in 2017. Those are the people we want to recognize with the Spark Plug Award.