Spring issue of Counselor's Compass now available

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Spring issue of Counselor's Compass is here.


The URL to see the latest information on Merit Badges.

Can a blind scout  pick out constellations as required in requirement 4 of Astrometry MB. Yes, see how.

Why can't they do merit badge pamphlets online. They have, See the first set available at Scoutstuff.com

What is the newest Merit Badge? Animation

Do Merit Badge Councilors need to be registered? Yes and they need to have current YPT too. See more.

As a Merit Badge Councilor, can we skip old requirements and old information? Yes, but the scout can't. Scouts from Maine to Alaska, Florida to California, Minn. to Texas are required to learn the same information and do every requirement. Merit Badges are revamped every couple of years by professional people in the field. So if there is something new, it may show up the next time. How do we do Welding MB if we don't have the equipment? Or Horsemanship with out the horse and his/her poop. You find someone who does have everything you need or you skip offering the badge until you get the gear. It would be like doing Cooking MB without food. This is your imaginary welding tank and your imaginary thing to weld. It doesn't work that way. 

How can you check out a scout if he knows more about the field then you do? That is why we use pros to teach at Merit Badge College. People who live, breath and eat their subject not some working out of a book.

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Sep 12, 2015, 11:15 AM