Scoutingwire: Alumni Edition for 2/13/2016

posted Feb 23, 2016, 8:11 PM by Chicora District

"Running Toward Danger" is an interesting book for those interested in scouting heritage. Lots of interesting information.


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ScoutingWire: Alumni Edition for 2/13/2016
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This month we celebrate the 106th anniversary of developing our nation's future leader. We are looking forward to many more years of service to our communities. These are some of Scouting's latest stories about the impact our Scouts are making.

Scouting Anniversary Day Celebrates Our Service to America’s Youth

You only need to look at the 138 patches on the merit badge sash of someone like Eagle Scout John Gray to get an idea of what Scouting can offer to our young people today.

Scouts Canoe to the Rescue on Manatee River

These Florida Scouts are ready to help others at all times, even when they’re kicking back on a camping trip. Recently, a father and son were enjoying a day on the water at…

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In the month of February, the SAA is offering a hardback copy of Running Toward Danger by Distinguished Eagle Scout, Michael S. Malone, for $9.99 - including shipping & handling (Running Toward Danger retails for $27.99.) for those that upgrade their membership to the Pathfinder level or renew their current Pathfinder membership.

Running Toward Danger is the first book that tells the extraordinary saga of Scouting's Honor Medal recipients - and how the award itself transformed American life. It is the product of extensive original research into the BSA's national archives, vintage newspaper accounts, and interviews of recipients. The narrative includes more than 150 accounts of the most remarkable & and hair-raising Honor Medal rescues of the last century.

Eagle Scout Scores Perfect on National Calculus Test

With ever-increasing extra-curricular options for youth, finding that balance between Scouting and schoolwork isn’t getting any less complicated.

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Scouting for Bigfoot

For years, this adventurous troop has been going on expeditions to see if legends about a “Tennessee Bigfoot” are true.
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