Scouting activities are like a Thanksgiving Dinner

posted Aug 7, 2017, 11:50 PM by Chicora District   [ updated Aug 7, 2017, 11:50 PM ]
Recently someone asked “We have activities within our pack. The District and Council also provides additional activities. Do we have to go to everything?”

The answer. We would love to have your unit (pack, troop, crew, ship, or post) come to the appropriate activities but we expect that you come to those activities that you feel will be helpful to your unit. There are some activities that a pack or troop can’t do by their selves like shooting sports. Those activities are available at higher levels.

Scouting activities are like a Thanksgiving Dinner. Some items come from your own garden, others come from local growers and still other things come from a distance away. Together they make up a grand meal. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick and choose what you put on your plate. Billy doesn’t like onions so he passes that bowl. Everybody likes turkey but then there are white meat turkey eaters and dark meat turkey eaters, just like there are some troops that only go to Camp Coker for Summer Camp and others who look else where. We would love for them to come to Camp Coker but would like that they all got the turkey they really needed. Maybe it would be great if one year they got  a little white meat and some dark meat the following year. It is up to the unit to make that choice. That is the best part of Scouting. The unit decides what are the best activities for them.

The District and Council has some fantastic opportunities to sample. They are there to augment your program. It is your unit’s commitment. Peas and carrots in a cream sauce tastes really good but some don’t like peas and others don’t like carrots. Some people can’t eat peanuts because they develop a rash or even worse, a breathing problem. So they skip the peanut butter cookies. If the Cub-O-Ree comes at the same time you are planing a family camp out program, fine, make the choice. It is up to the unit committee. There may be a chance to do both.

Some units can’t go camping on Sunday. What’s to say they come out Friday evening, stay over Saturday and leave Saturday evening? They have a great time, they learn new skills, teach the scouts things, have a couple of great meals and skip the ghost stories around the camp fire. What have they lost? Not much. They have gained so much more. I have heard all of those ghost stories, seen the funny skits and eaten thousands of Smores. They have done some advancement, learned some nature, taught some scout skills and followed the direction of their faith. Sounds like a plus to me.

 Everyone sits down at the Thanksgiving table. We all provided the best food we can manage. All the bowels and platters were  passed around and each took what they felt they needed. At the end of the meal nobody left hungry. It is the same with scouting activities.