Scout Day at the USNWC on August 23, 2014

posted Aug 25, 2014, 8:17 PM by Chicora District   [ updated Aug 25, 2014, 8:17 PM ]
 Saturday August 23rd, 2014 is Scout Day at the US National Whitewater center near Charlotte
Call and book between now and August 16th to receive a group discount. Code word is "peedee area" to make reservations for your group and/or receive a group discount with 15 or more.  Call (704.391.3900 ext. 130) ask for Lindsey or (704.391.3900 and ask for group sales).
**If you do not have 15, try to combine with another unit. **
  • Our AllSport pass ($54 for adults 10 years and older, $44 for children 9 years and younger) is our most popular; this pass gives you access to all the activities (land, flatwater, AND whitewater) we have to offer here at the Center.
  • The CoolSport pass ($44 for adults 10 years and older, $39 for children 9 years and younger) gives you access to all of our pass activities excluding whitewater activities.
  • For a quick adventure we have our QuickSport pass ($20 - $25 depending on the activity) which allows you to choose one activity, excluding whitewater activities, for a single experience.
 Our group rates start with groups of 15 or more people.  You would receive a group discount of $2 off per person, per pass which brings the AllSport Pass to $52 and the CoolSport Pass to $42. In order to receive this rate, you would need to book, in advance, through a Guest Experience Coordinator, like myself, or through the website. We do not offer group rates on the QuickSport pass or Team Building.
Rafting reservations can be booked ahead of time to secure your raft spots for $5 extra per person online or over the phone. 
Groups of 15: We would also be waiving the rafting reservation fee of $5 per person and the parking fee of $5 per vehicle. This is a $12 discount. (When you get to the gate your group name should be on a list to receive the free parking.)
We have several different activities to choose from here at the Center: (weight requirements and/or minimum ages are listed in parenthesis after the description)
·  Guided Rock Climbing:  thirty minute guided sessions on our 36 foot tall rock wall.  This activity ranges from beginner to advanced difficulty. (45 lbs.)
·  Mountain Biking: bikes and helmets are included with your pass to take out on the trails if they are open (weather permitting) or along the Channel Loop.  (4 feet tall)
·  Mega Zip: take flight on our 1,123-foot long zip-line stretched over our world-class whitewater rapids. (70-300 lbs.)
·  Mega Jump: a 40-foot free fall experience off of the Mega Zip tower using the unique Power Fan system-the only one currently in use in North America. (45-265 lbs.)
·         Obstacle Challenge: participants will work their way through a series of 10 obstacles, each just a few feet off the ground, with the challenge of completing the course without touching your feet to the ground. (5 years old)
·  Adventure Course: an aerial obstacle course located in the trees 20 feet above the ground in the challenge course area of the Center.  (45-275 lbs.)
·  Climb 2 Zip: also in the challenge course area, a climb up a cargo net 32 feet to a platform from which you do a pendulum zip-line for 100 feet. (45-275 lbs.)
·  Canyon Crossing: traverse across five different aerial obstacles and end the experience with a 250-foot zip-line over a 50-foot canyon. (45-275 lbs.)
·  Double CrossThis high ropes adventure features two courses in one! The Full Loop will guide you across the canyon and back via tree platforms at heights over 50 feet. The Combo Course challenges guests to cross the canyon via five of the elements before returning on a 200-ft zip-line.
·  Canyon Zip: Cross the south Ridge Canyon on a circuit of zip lines. (45-275 lbs.)
·  Flatwater Kayaking: take out a boat on the Catawba River to check out the wildlife, wilderness, and natural beauty of our North Carolina River.  As there are no rapids and usually very little current, the flatwater kayaking allows for participants of all skill levels and physical ability. (4 years old with an adult)
·  Stand-up Paddleboarding: experience a test of balance as you stand on top of an 11-foot long kayak and use a 5-foot long paddle to navigate the flatwater of the Catawba River. (at least 11 years old)
·  Whitewater Rafting:  an hour and a half experience, the Whitewater Rafting presents a thrilling water experience as Adventure Rafting (at least 11 years old; both whitewater channels) and Family Rafting (at least 8 years old; only the Wilderness Channel; more mild of a ride) take you down the largest man-made whitewater channels in the world. We have 6 and 8 person rafts.
 Aside from the activities included in our passes, we also offer a Canopy Tour for $89 per person:
·  Canopy Tour: explore the woodlands along the Catawba, the historic Tuckaseegee Ford and Trail on a three to four hour guided tour through the tree canopy on 15 different segments including a series of zips, sky bridge, rappels, and other high adventure challenges.  (10 years and older; under 275 pounds)
 Team Building 
Team building requires a minimum of 10 participants for both high and low ropes. We can accommodate smaller groups but payment for 10 people is still required. You have two main options in terms of team building here at the Whitewater Center:
(1.) Team Edition
You can team-build while doing any of our pass activities by adding a facilitator(s) to the experience.  As your group participates in challenges throughout the facility, the facilitator would guide your group and initiate team-building discussion to frame the activities in a team-building mindset.  We call this experience the Team Edition AllSport or CoolSport.  The cost per person ranges from $15-$25 extra per person.  The difference in cost depends on how much involvement you want from your facilitator.  We can set up more involved team challenges or have a facilitator act as a guide.
  (2.) Low & High Ropes
The Team Development Center offers Half Day, Half Day Plus, and Full Day programming.  Though not involving the rafting, zip-lining, etc., the challenge course has intensive team building options. Our facilitators combine low-to-the-ground obstacles and challenges to create an environment of teamwork and problem solving for your group.
·  Half Day: A 4-hour progression consisting of low-element team challenges and initiatives.  The experience pushes groups to accomplish physical and mental challenges together. The low ropes elements involve challenges ranging from putting together a puzzle with no verbal communication all the way to getting the team up a vertical wall one by one. ($59 per person)
·  Half Day Plus: Our 4-hour low element challenge progression concluding with a harnessed high element team challenge. ($69 per person)
·  Half Day High: 4-hour high element team challenge begins with a ground school element to get you acclimated with the equipment and is followed by a high element team challenge with a zipline to finish off the program. ($74 per person) *only available Monday -Friday
·  Full Day: An 8-hour program progression consisting of a full selection of low element challenges and, depending upon your group’s interests, multiple harnessed high element team challenges.($89 per person)
·  “What will we be doing?”
o    Every program is crafted to meet the needs of your team.  Activities may include trust building, group problem solving, and communication skills through low and high elements.  Each group will be led by a trained facilitator through a progression of challenges.  Our facilitation approach is called Challenge by Choice© which allows people to participate in activities based on their understanding of the benefits gained, risks involved and fitness level.  This creates a supportive environment for participants to accept challenges and monitor or manage risk.
 Catering and Space
Typically, we not allow any outside food or beverage onto the USNWC property. However, we do have a restaurant on site as well as grab and go food options. We also have several catering options available to you. You must have at least 20 people for any catering options or we must charge a $40 culinary fee. I have included a catering menu and youth menu for your review. The boxed lunches and vouchers do not require rented space but all other catering options do.
 We offer various space sizes perfect for any group. You can choose between indoor and outdoor locations. We also provide Audio Visual equipment rentals upon request.
You can go back and forth to your vehicle all day.  Storage options include one-time-use tokens ($2 per token) for our 1-cubic foot lockers or all-day use 3-cubic foot bin storage ($10 per bin). 
 Rafting reservations can be booked ahead of time to secure your raft spots for $5 extra per person online or over the phone.  I would recommend doing this if you had a specific time frame in which you would like to do your activities.  If you plan to come early and stay all day, you can book your raft spots on a “next available” basis as soon as you arrive that day.  All other activities involve walk-up participation. We recommend prioritizing your day by trying your favorite challenges first.
 Everyone participating in activities must have a waiver filled out beforehand.  Any participant under the age of 18 must have a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian before they arrive.  If they do not have a waiver filled out, they cannot participate in activities.  I have attached this document as a PDF file. 
 Note also that this is general information and does not constitute a formal proposal for any specific space, catering option, or raft reservations.   
 Please do not hesitate to contact me (704.391.3900 ext. 130) if you have any questions! I look forward to working with you!
  Lindsey Provine | Guest Experience Coordinator
5000 Whitewater Center Parkway Charlotte, NC  28214