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As you all know, our Order lies at Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and
Service. We have each taken an obligation of Cheerful Service towards our
Community and Camp. Below are the following projects we will be working on at OA

-Repairing tent platforms
-Taking down tents
-Finishing the Shaw
Adirondack project (Matt Reich)
-Replacing the roofs over the Wash Stations in
Campsites (Arrowhead, Elk, Shaw, Hartsville, and Cayce)
-Sealing the wood
benches within the Council Ring
-Paint the Control Room at the Council
-Clear the road to the Preordeal Ceremonial Ring
-Pressure wash and replace
portions of the docks within the Boathouse and Swimming Area
-Replace the rotten
flagpoles on the front lawn

As you can see, we have lots to get done and the
materials to do it with. We just need you and your fellow brothers to provide
the Cheerful Service. 

You will need to bring work clothes that can and will
get dirty. You will also need to bring wire brushes and gloves if you plan on
working on the painting/sealing projects. If anyone has any carpentry tools that
they could bring for the week that would also be much appreciated.

If you have
any questions or suggestions of future projects around our beloved Coker, please
email me at Again, I thank you for your hard work and
look forward to working beside you at OA Week!
If you have not registered for
OA Week, I have included the registration forw. Get it in quick.


Harrison Flowers

Santee Lodge


Santee Lodge
Pee Dee
Area Council #552, Boy Scouts Of America

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Chicora District,
Sep 12, 2015, 3:18 PM