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posted Sep 12, 2015, 12:00 PM by Chicora District   [ updated Sep 12, 2015, 12:00 PM ]
September 9, 2015

Did you know the BSA posts monthly podcasts, full of how-to’s, tips, and best practices for your role in Scouting? That’s right! ScoutCast and CubCast podcasts are audio goldmines, covering topics to help you best serve youth in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. Read on to hear about September’s new lineup of podcasts you can’t miss.

ScoutCast: How to Sell Popcorn When You’re No Longer an Adorable Cub Scout

For Cub Scouts, flashing a cute smile or charming sales pitches might work for selling popcorn – but for most of us Scouters, wide-eyed and adorable isn’t quite a selling point anymore. But that doesn’t mean you can’t effectively win over customers!
In this month’s ScoutCast, Donovan Fisher, aka “The Popcorn Scout”, and his dad from the Washington Crossing Council are sharing the best kept secrets for selling everyone’s favorite Scouting snack. As the third highest selling Scout in 2013 with more than $23,000 in sales, there’s no doubt Donovan knows a thing or two about salesmanship. Hear from the dynamic duo in thepodcast or read their tips in the ScoutCast transcript.

CubCast: How to Ask for Help as a Leader

Plenty of volunteers are first time Scout leaders (or even first time Scouters. Period.) So asking for help from seasoned professionals, volunteers, and community members should be no big deal, right? For many new leaders, it’s not that easy.
This month’s CubCast brings the “Unlikely Den parent” Danny Heitman to the podcast to share his advice for traversing the terrain of a first time den leader. Let his story inspire you to make the most of the experts in your community, bettering the Cub Scouting experience for your youth. Listen to the podcast or read the CubCast transcript to get the scoop.

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For those of you who may have missed previous ScoutCasts and CubCasts, you can catch up by checking out the archive today. But for now, listen to the newest ScoutCast and CubCasts then share in the comments your best advice on popcorn sales and asking for help.