If you will help me, I will save you a stamp!

posted Aug 25, 2014, 9:09 PM by Chicora District   [ updated Aug 25, 2014, 9:09 PM ]
At roundtable, which was fabulous as usual, We passed a form around looking for people to assist in the district's Merit Badge Program and Merit Badge College. We got a number of the forms back, but not nearly enough. We even gave them to the Cub people because they can be part of the program too. 

When a scout finds a Merit Badge he would like to work on, Gardening Merit Badge for example, he asks his Scoutmaster, if there is someone in troop's leadership interested in helping him with his badge. If there isn't, the Scoutmaster has to try and find someone. The District Merit Badge list is available to all Scoutmasters. It lists  people interested in helping scouts to learn about something they do at work or in their time. They will not do the Merit Badge for the scout, but they will make sure the scout knows what he needs to know and do what he needs to do.

Here is how you can help. I am sending you a list of the Merit Badges available. Put an "X" in the circle of a badge you feel knowledgeable in. Then in an email to me (cmugrick@aol.com) send your name, address, email of preference, phone number and the pack or troop or crew you work with. Add to the email your list of choices (golf, art, radio,dog care).

What is in it for you? If you help us, I will send you a scouting package that you will enjoy.

As a Merit Badge Councilor, you have to cover all of the requirements for the badge. Well we don't do it that way anymore so I can skip it. You can tell the scout that there is a  new way, but you need to cover the old way with him. Every two or three years each and every Merit Badge gets revised at National BSA by those in the trenches. Most everything is up to date. Some topics change by the minute like computing. You can't take a scout to the dump and practice rifle shooting. It is just not safe for him and others around him. So don't do anything that might put the scout at risk.

As a Merit Badge Councilor, you can't add requirements. For example, to qualify in archery, you can't make the scout us arrows that he has made. It may be an interesting idea but not in the requirements.

So if you can help me, I will save you a stamp and you will talk to a scout about something you are passionate about. The scout you are walking around your medical office may find an interest in a job that is medical related. Or maybe not.
Chicora District,
Aug 25, 2014, 9:11 PM