How can I help?

posted Sep 12, 2015, 3:17 PM by Chicora District   [ updated Sep 12, 2015, 3:17 PM ]
Who runs the district? Well it is not 5 people who get together and do everything. Just like each unit, there is a unit committee that sets up activities, works on advancement, buys new equipment, drives scouts to camp outs, collects popcorn money, and the many other jobs needed to be done to help a unit grow. The district has a committee too. They meet once a month to set up activities, to help train unit leaders and district committee members, to pick up popcorn money and FOS, to encourage boys and adults to become members, to provide opportunities for advancement, and many more things. Many members are involved all year long while some only work on one or more projects during the year. Still others wait in reserve to be plugged in when needed.

Can I be a pack or troop committee member and also be on the district committee. Yes you can. Or you could be a scout parent in your cub pack and a member of the Cub Day Camp Committee working with an active member of the Activities Committee. The committees always can use suggestions or ideas to do something better or maybe you have skills or you are a great little organizer. We would always be glad to hear what you have to offer. Maybe your ideas will jazz up one of our functions. Maybe you are a life long teacher and could help out in training or roundtable.

If you are interested, come to the first District Committee meeting of the year and get involved. Usually they are the Tuesday before the first Thursday of each month. For August it will be Thursday August 6th (sorry, we threw you a little curve ball there). It is at the First United Pentecostal Church of Conway at 906 Main Street, Conway.

The district launches it's 2015-2016 program on August 13. You will get your scouting calendar, activity flyers for the next 6 months, probably some food and a great welcoming smile.

Rick Curran
Member of the Chicora District Committee