Here are 3 things to put on your to do list

posted Nov 21, 2015, 2:15 AM by Chicora District   [ updated Nov 21, 2015, 2:15 AM ]
Here are 3 things to put on your to do list our your "I can help" list.

Item #1:  

(a)  Don't forget to bring any District Award of Merit applications to nominate someone. See me before the December Roundtable because we will make the choice during Roundtable. We are looking for someone who has been around the district a while doing work to support us and scouting here in Horry and Marion Counties. Not only just in scouting but maybe by working in their church or civic groups. We get to pick 2 people this year. If you are not sure if they have received the award already, ask me. You can only get it once.

(b) The Silver Beaver is a special award for scouters (guys and gals) who work hard within the district and council. They volunteer for activities, training's, and service and have done so for a good number of years (maybe 10 or 15 or more). They are the movers and shakers. We get to pick 5 or more this year. You need to fill out the Silver Beaver Nomination form and send it to Council by January 1. If you are not sure if they have received the award already, ask me. You can only get it once.

(c) The Spark Plug Award. We may smile when we say it but it is very important because it gives each unit an opportunity to point out the members of each unit that spark enthusiasm in the packs and troops. By the December Roundtable either the unit leader, committee chair or charter organization rep needs to get the name of 2 people that the unit wants to thank for their hard work.

(d) Do you know an Eagle Scout that over the years has shown the characteristics of what you think an Eagle should be. The National Eagle Scout Association selects from your nominations 2 Outstanding Eagle Scouts from within the area that makes up the Pee Dee Area Council. Scouters who have earned the Eagle Scout Award as a youth and have been stellar examples of what an Eagle Scout does in both his scouting world and what he does in the civilian community or within his occupation. To recommend someone, you need to fill out the application form and send it to council for consideration.

Item #2:

(a)  Don't forget to complete your recharter paperwork. If you are not the one in your unit who does this, pitch in and help. For many people this bit of paperwork is daunting. Without rechartering, you, your unit, council and BSA National has no idea how many scouts and adults are serving in the Boy Scouts of America. Those guys and gals on capital hill want to know. It is part of are responsibility to count all of those noses and tell congress how many you have. When the Boy Scouts were issued their first charter over 100 years ago, we promised we would do it and every year we have been counting all of those noses. 

If on January 1 you haven't sent to council the recharter paperwork. You are no longer a unit. You can't meet. You can't go on outings and most of all your advancements doesn't count. So pitch in, get this task done before school closes for the December Holidays. That will make it easier to  find people needed for signatures. 

(b)  I have been looking at the figures on unit advancement. They are down from last year. Could it be because your advancements have not been recorded on  the Internet or at council. Only half of the units in the district record advancements at the national web site. It is easy to do. When you are doing advancement, you might want to record your service hours and your camping days and nights as well.

If you need help, ask! Ask your Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner, District Advancement Chair or some other scouter. They will gladly help. You know your unit is doing a fantastic job. Let's get the word out. If I were doing as well as your units are doing, I would want to shout it from the mountain tops. Not too many mountain tops in this part of South Caroline so the best you can do is send some "ones and zeros" to Texas and Florence.

Item #3:

God has given us many things to be thankful for. Next week may you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving. I have a drum stick in the fridge waiting for me. You might want to think about those who were not as fortunate as yourself. Or can't be home sitting around the dinner table. Hopefully there won't be to many empty chairs this year.

Rick Curran