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From: Keane, Bill <BKeane@sencorpwhite.com>
From: Keane, Bill

Subject: Troop 899 fund raiser
Hello Please consider this invitation to come join us  in an enjoyable fundraiser for our troop. The Moose club, our chartered organization is throwing us a dinner fund raiser to support scout accounts for summer camp assistance.  
18th Feb. 5-8 next Saturday, spaghetti with meatballs dinner  at the Moose club on Burcale Rd.
It is a great deal for the scouts and for the buyers of the tickets. It is $8 for spaghetti dinner, bread and salad. Adults are $8, kids are $6 and 3 yr old or less is donation of what you feel is applicable. Please feel free to offer neighbors family teachers etc  to come.. tickets are available at the door.
I enjoy the company of my troop and of you scouters, I hope you scouters will come and enjoy the company of my troop.
Thank you for your consideration
Respectfully YFIS

Chicora District,
Feb 13, 2017, 2:05 PM