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It is amazing.


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Scouting:Wire Alumni Edition for 10/31/2015
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Business Insider Shares Survival Skills Mastered by Eagles

Sometimes you just don’t know how much you know, you know? As a Scout or Scouter, you’re equipped with many skills you may feel are second nature. You don’t bat an eye at the idea of whipping up a life-saving knot or fashioning a quick tourniquet.

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This 103-Year-Old’s Life Earns Him Distinguished Eagle Scout

Robert Dick Douglas, Jr., conquered the esteemed Eagle Scout rank, roamed the African safari, wrote a national best-seller, flew the open air with Amelia Earhart and now, he’s earned a Distinguished Eagle…
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Man with Special Needs Earns Eagle Scout at 52 Years Old

Would you believe a Scout worked toward earning the Eagle Scout rank for 18 years? While traditionally only awarded before a Scout’s 18th birthday, one Scout with special needs ascended to the…

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Deafness Doesn’t Define This Eagle Scout

The term “disability” doesn’t really fit Noah F. He’s an Eagle Scout, a filmmaker, an actor, and an athlete. He also happens to be deaf, but that’s only made the…

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Order of the Arrow #DareToDo Campaign Challenges Scouts to Help Others

As youth navigate a sea of selfies and Snapchats, the Boy Scouts of America’s national honor society Order of the Arrow (OA) tasks Scouts to find ways to promote good turns on…

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Soccer-Playing Robots Led This Eagle to Become a Professor

A team of robots defeating the reigning World Cup champs may be the stuff sci-fi fantasies are made of, but for Eagle Scout and University of Utah’s assistant professor Dr. Tucker Hermans,…
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How This Man’s Boy Scout Training Came in Handy

If anyone knows the importance of being prepared, it’s the Boy Scouts. Equipped with the knowledge from their Boy Scout Handbook and countless outdoor treks, these are the guys you…
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Resources to Help You Prove the Value of Scouting

Have you heard how Scouting promotes positive character development? Last month Scouting Wire shared a study that shed light on the effectiveness that Scouting has in fostering positive character development in youth.

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This Pinewood Derby Track Broke a Guinness World Record

You may have heard how Scouts recently broke the world record for the most people popping bubble wrap at one time, but did you know Scouts also just stole the number one spot…

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Eagle Scout Project That’s Recycling Cars for Veterans

When 15-year-old Corey C. set his sights on reaching Scouting’s highest rank, he decided to combine his two passions: serving veterans and car mechanics. Now, thanks to his heart for service and…

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What a Pageant Queen and Boy Scout Troop Have In Common

When you think about Boy Scouts and pageant queens, you probably wouldn’t think they would have much in common. But when Miss Louisiana visited Troop 6 in Alexandra, La, the…

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WATCH: Eagle Asks, “When Did You Become an Adult?”

Dave – the Eagle Scout who earlier this year embarked on a quest to find out if chivalry is dead – is at it again. This time, the Scout is searching to pinpoint the moment Americans think they became adults. 

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How Seven Boy Scouts Rescued This Injured Hiker

When it comes to sweeping people from danger, Boy Scouts have a knack for being at the right place, at the right time and with the right skills and attitude to save…

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Introducing Patch on Responsible Use of Medicine

Monday, October 19, 2015 — Today the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) launched the SCOUTStrong Be MedWise Award, providing the opportunity for Scouts to earn a patch for learning about the…

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