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Shaw; Install wiring at pavilion Paint adirondacks Burn brush piles Horry; Install pavilion wiring Burn brush piles All sites; Repair/build tent platforms Build tent frames Archery; Move wood building to shotgun, and repair roof Move storage container into position Cope; Scrape and paint fronts of dorms Replace rotted door frames Staff City; Install electric outlet through attic for A/C unit Install A/C unit. Finish paneling inside Paint exterior Training Center; Move excess chairs to Staff City Trading Post; Clean/remove mold from inside Re shingle roof (adult) Work Shop; Re shingle roof (adult) Rangers House; Re shingle roof (adult) All roofs; Remove debris with leaf blowers (adults) Please bring ladders, tools and work gloves. In WWW, Nathan Kohler Events Chairman Santee Lodge 116 ------------------------------------------------ Santee Lodge, Order Of The Arrow Pee Dee Area Council #552, Boy Scouts Of America This message is being sent automatically based on your membership information stored in the OA LodgeMaster membership database for Santee Lodge, Order of the Arrow. If you would like to unsubscribe or would like to update your email address or contact information, please contact one of the OA LodgeMaster administrators for Santee Lodge: Rondal Johnson (ronjohn77@gmail.com), Phil Bethune (Philbethune@gmail.com).