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Good Evening Arrowmen
I hope 2016 is off to a great start for you. Many of you may be aware that mine started off with emergency surgery and a week in the hospital.  I am recovering well and starting to get back on my feet. I appreciate all the prayers and the get well card.  It really made me feel good! As a lodge, we have started on the right foot with a very successful Winter Banquet. Are youth are really stepping up and succeeding at running the events. Currently they are in the planning stages for Spring Fellowship and Dixie.  With that said though, there are areas we need help with from everyone to keep improving our Lodge.  I am reaching out tonight to ask for your help with the following items.
1. Event Participation/Registrations:
For our last two events, we have seen over 135 people register and attend.  These numbers are wonderful.  Here where we need help. For both events, we had less than 40 people signed up two weeks before each event.  We had to shake the trees to get people signed up to attend. As you can imagine, we had loads of people sign up in the last week before the event.  We appreciate everyone who came but it makes planning and execution very hard. We set a deadline a week before the event so we can buy food.  I am asking that you try to have your registration in before the dead line.  The earlier the better. We want as many people as possible to attend and we ask that as many people register as possible before the deadline.
2. Lodge Dues:
Currently we are behind by about 200 people who owe their dues for this year.  To help clarify, our dues are due on 7/1 (Summer Fellowship) each year.  The 200 people are based off of people who paid dues 7/1/2014 thru 6/30/2015 and still have not paid there 7/1/2015 thru 6/30/2016 dues. Here is how it impacts the lodge.  Our membership is decided by how many people pay their dues. We look at that number and it determines awards we can give out and how many vigil candidates we can petition.  It goes into determining our JTE levels each year for growth.  As an Arrowmen, it is important to pay our dues. If you are not sure if your dues are due, please email myself and I will quickly respond. I will also be mailing out a personal email asking for you to pay your dues. To pay your dues, you can do the following:
Make Checks Payable To:   Pee Dee Area Council, BSA
Mail Payment to:
Pee Dee Area Council
Santee Lodge - Dixie 2016
PO Box 268
Florence, SC   29503
Pay Online:
Once payment is mail, please email Santee116events@google.com
3. Dixie
As you are aware, Dixie is approaching and the first deadline is a week from today.  If you are interested in purchasing Dixie Memorabilia, your order is due 1/25/2016 to the council office.  As mentioned earlier, we are asking that people start registering for upcoming events.  It is even more important to register early for Dixie.  We are reserving 100 spots for Dixie.  To clarify, we are putting up money for 100 spots.  If we have more people than that, I will do everything I can to make sure we have spots for you. We want to be competitive this year at Dixie and to be so, we have to attend.  Please go ahead and get your registration in. Start talking to your friends, the youth, the troops and anyone else you can think of. We can pull together to have another 100+ attendance event!
I appreciate everyone’s support and participation!
Ron Johnson
Santee 116 Lodge Adviser

Santee Lodge, Order Of The Arrow
Pee Dee Area Council #552, Boy Scouts Of America

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