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On March 1, 2017, I began as the Scout Executive of the Pee Dee Area Council.  The opportunity to serve in that position has been the highlight of my 15 year career with the Boy Scouts of America.  When Walt Barefoot, our Council President and lead volunteer, introduces me to key stakeholders he says, "I am one of us."  Walt then recounts that I started Scouting as a Tiger Cub, earned my Arrow of Light, served on summer camp staff, earned Eagle Scout, attended Wood Badge, and is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.  Walt is correct, I am one of you, and that is why I am so passionate about the success of our Council. 

Our 2017, had many successes and many opportunities.  When I interviewed, our membership had great growth opportunity.  The BSA has a measurement called density, which measures the number of Scouts registered to the program as compared to the number of eligible.  We finished 2017 with a density of 5% in both Cubs and Boy Scouts while the Southern Region average is 10.7% and 9.4% respectively.  We have growth potential.  In 2017, we began the process by starting 8 new units in our Council.  Last week our staff looked at density and opportunity to join by zip code in our Council and have set goals to grow in 2018.

New enhancements in 2017 had contributed greatly to our successes.  We finished with 1,675 points in Journey to Excellence and 4th in Area 5 which includes 10 neighboring Councils.  Last year we had 1,200 points and finished 8th.  We are a Silver JTE Council.  Additionally we balanced our budget.

Other enhancements that yielded results:
  • Newsletter that is published at least 3 times per month
  • Addition of online event registration has seen an improvement in event attendance
  • Introduction of a Friends of Scouting event in Myrtle Beach contributed to our fundraising success
  • Scouting for Food returned after a 4 year absence and collected 15,602 pounds of food for local food banks
  • Scouting for Food also increased our number of service hours to 11.61 per member for a total of over 25,000 hours of service performed
  • Office renovated and we have one occupant providing monthly income
  • Office renovations also allow more use of our building for Scout meetings
  • Scout shop has a point of sale system and sales increased 20%
  • $25,000 grant to repair the Nature Lodge - received Dec 2017
  • $20,000 grant to for Camp Coker Improvements - received Dec 2017
  • $2,000 grant to improve shooting sports - bought safe and shotguns
  • $5,000 grant to improve the dining hall - bought new railings, screens, and more
  • $17,000 from Santee Lodge to repair the swim dock - project with our properties committee
  • Paid off the mortgage eliminating a monthly $671 expense
These success bring confidence in what we do as a Council.  I am confident we will continue to grow on these success.  Our Council is blessed with a strong endowment, committed volunteers, and an enthusiastic Board of Directors.  To make our Council move forward we continue to need your help.  Your financial support makes what we do possible.  We are launching the Golden Eagle Society, and donors at this level will receive an engraved Yeti 20oz. Rambler.  Your Council Key 3; Walt Barefoot, Diane Bauer, and myself are each members of the Golden Eagle Society.  We want to show our committment to the Council.  I encourage you to make your Friends of Scouting gift and consider joining the Golden Eagle Society.  Together we will ensure that everyone can be a Scout.

Thank you for supporting Scouting!


Michael Hesbach
Scout Executive
Pee Dee Area Council, BSA, 702 South Coit Street, Florence, SC 29501
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