Fwd: Reliable Electric "Electrifying Potential" $1,000 Scholarship

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Subject: FW: Reliable Electric "Electrifying Potential" $1,000 Scholarship
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Subject: Reliable Electric "Electrifying Potential" $1,000 Scholarship
I just thought of this as well, if you wouldn't mind sharing as well for the Seniors in your troops.
We are excited to announce our first ever scholarship award.  We would
like to award one high school senior a one time $1,000 scholarship to help
cover college expenses.  

I have attached the PDF version of the scholarship as well as website link below:


Students can go directly to the website above, download the
application and receive additional details about the application process or they can download our free app on the Google Play or App Store and have access to the scholarship information there as well.

We are extending this scholarship offer to any high school senior in
Horry, Georgetown or Brunswick County. (our coverage areas)

We are excited to partner with the school systems and hope to make a deserving high school senior a little less stressed about college this
year.  We have emailed this information to every guidance counselor in all 3 counties, so their guidance counselor should be able to help them as well.

The deadline for application is April 22, 2016.  We will decide on a winner by May 6, 2016.  

If you have any questions in regards to this scholarship, please don't hesitate to email me or call.  Thank you in advance for your
assistance in this matter.

Christy Seagle
Reliable Electric Heating and Air
843-516-3890 cell
Chicora District,
Jan 25, 2016, 11:34 AM