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This from one of my Eagle Scouts, Gary. Some interesting observations on what to bring while doing a treck.

Thanks Gary.

I get emails from this company and this one I wanted to pass along. It does have ads but the story is a good story for scouts and scouts learning to backpack.


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What?..He got lost going to the bathroom?   

I have 3 sons who are Eagle scouts (Yes, I'm very proud of them..No, I don't have a bumper sticker that says so)

This meant a LOT of merit badges, camping trips, and time spent (usually lost or searching for a lost scout, ha) in the woods.

I was fortunate enough to go to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico on a 100 mile trek with all 3 boys. 

Our 2nd day in Base Camp our assigned Ranger had us unpack EVERYTHING and lay it out on tables before we began.  

(I am SO glad he did this because some of our group showed up with 80 pounds worth of equipment! Unbelievable!)

Even though I was one of the more "fit" Dads on the trek, I could see me having to carry part of that when the scout got too tired! I was SERE instructor in the Air Force and had been there before. 

The Ranger had a simple solution - as he walked through the packs he asked us to "Sell him" on why we needed certain items.  Tell me why you "have to have" this or that item. 

When we whittled away items we didn't have enough justification for, I asked him "What was the right answer?"

His response.."If you have to really search for a reason, you can probably do without it"  

Hmmmm..Interesting.. I thought.

So, I asked him if he wouldn't mind opening up his own bag and giving us a reason for his items..

He was surprised and laughed out loud...

"You know,." he said, "you are only the second person to ask me that out of all my treks." 

As he went through his items, I noticed a trend (he confirmed it later on) 

Everything he had was either multi-functional OR he had a backup.

He had a referee whistle around his neck, but he also had one on his waterproof matches case and one on his Paracord Survival bracelet.

He had his working knife but also had a backup blade in his pack, and one in his daypack.  

His First Aid Kit was in an easy access pouch but he also had a smaller kit in his daypack as well. 

Even something as simple as a bandana..

I asked his "multifunctional" use for it.  

Without batting an eye..he responded: tourniquet, water strainer, sling, splint wrap, face mask, wound packing, signal device (his was a red bandana), pot holder, sweat band, do rag..and the list went on.  

The Navy Seals have a saying (now, I wasn't a Navy Seal but I always admired them - we had the privilege of hauling them around the world in the C-141 - great guys)
               "Two is One, One is None" 

The Ranger also taught our guys that we want to go for the lightest option when we can.

For example, while we carried water, he also recommended a "Water Purifier Straw" 

This way, we have a backup that didn't weigh 8.36 pounds per gallon.  

One last thing he said was "you can never have enough rope" - and pointed to his paracord bracelet.

He smiled because he was referring to Lord Of The Rings - 'Never travel far without a rope! And one that is long and strong and light. Such are these. They may be a help in many needs.'  

He gave us some great packing tips that I'll share with you another time, but I asked him what he carried with him when he didn't have his pack.  

He said 3 stayed on him all the time and 4 he grabbed to bring with him.

On his person:  1. Knife (swiss army or multitool), 2. Paracord Bracelet (whistle, small blade, fire starter, paracord), 3. Thermal blanket (silver/orange - signaling, retain body heat, water store, etc.)

Grab bag - 1. First aid kit (with a tourniquet & quickclot), 2. Contractor grade trash bag (for quick poncho, water collection in rain or around tree branch, keep feet dry, etc - kept in cargo pouch of his shorts)  3. Water purification Straw, 4. Lighter

He took these everywhere - and he recommended his trek scouts did too..he had spent hours searching for scouts who got lost going to the bathroom!  

He said a whistle works better and longer than yelling - especially when you forget to bring the "Important Papers" with you when you go, ha.

Coming Soon, we'll go through some tips to help you packing your gear the best possible way to make it the easiest to carry.

To Your Survival,

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