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Boy Scouts of America Advancement News
Dear Richard,
Greetings Advancement News Subscribers!
Attached please find our January - February 2016 issue. We hope you find it helpful.
The following articles are included in this issue:
  • Opportunities for Advancement Administrators: Philmont Training Center--Summer is Just Around the Corner
  • On Increasing Advancement: Troop Programming: The New Boy Scout Rank Requirements; New Position of Responsibility: 13th Edition, Boy Scout Handbook; New Position of Responsibility; Outdoor Ethics Guide;--Best Practices: Promoting Advancement Education Materials
  • The Cub Scout Angle: STEM Adventures--To Advancement and Beyond!
  • Eagle Issues: Processing Rank Appeals--Fair, balanced, and By the book; Processing time Extension Requests--Fair, balanced, and By the Clock
  • Merit Badges - Enhancing Our Youth's Competitive Edge: Photography Merit Badge--New Focus for an Old Favorite
  • The Venturing Perspective: Venturing Summit Award--Meet the First Recipient
  • Special Necessities: Serving ADHD Youth--Scouting Provides Structure and Focus
  • From the Field: A Successful ADHD Strategy Outcome
  • From the Archives: Scoutmaster Conference Myths (March 2012)
  • A Peek Ahead: What is Planned for March/April
  • Helpful Links
Your Advancement News Staff
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