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Hi Everyone,

I am excited to be helping with membership for Chicora, with the new changes of allowing girls, it will be a all around family adventure. 
PDAC also, understand some units will not be having a girl unit and that is ok too. We are all in this for the youth: boy or girl.

You all should be receiving an email from me to verify your unit information.
Your response is very important, so, we may update our records for use in sign ups.

I would like to recruit for all our units, packs, troops, crews and post, throughout the year.
First starting at the pack level and then moving up to the other units.

We at Chicora have been lucky to have some good membership chairs. 
I would like to add a few new ideas to our membership sign up program and I am always glad to have any input from other leaders, too.
Please, keep watching for membership updates by email, Facebook and phone/text.

It's going to be an GREAT year at Chicora District, Scout, BSA.

Mary McNeill
PDAC Assistant Commissioner
Chicora Membership Chair

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