December Merit Bage Collage

posted Nov 28, 2016, 1:28 PM by Chicora District   [ updated Nov 28, 2016, 1:28 PM ]
We only have 12 or a Baker's Dozen merit badges to offer scouts so far this year at the Merit Badge College this December. Many of those who participated in the past have been working hard already this fall. We need some new people to step up and teach classes small and large about those things they do to make a living or do for fun. The more we can offer, the better the program can be.

Are you a Dentist, Vet or Model Maker? A Railroad Enthusiast, Space Explorer or Indian Chief (wait a minute, we do have an Indian Chief). A Public Speaker, Trumpet Player, Graphic Artist or Draftsman (or woman). Do you look through a telescope and take pictures of stars or do you go through magazines and collect pictures of Hollywood stars or save Baseball Cards? Maybe by day you are an Astrophysicist but by night you are a Auto Repair Wizard. We don't want you to teach something you don't know anything about, we want to have you share your passions and have fun too.

If you are an Olympic Back Stocker, we can't use you, sorry no pool but if you are into History, Archaeology, Architecture Design or Art... How about Birds, Bugles, Chest or Coin Collecting? If you are into Crime Prevention or Animation, a closet Clark Kent... Maybe you are a volunteer Smoke Eater in between your real job, you could teach Safety or Firemanship Merit Badge. Could you be a Ham Radio operator (10-4) a potter or plumber?
Maybe there is a lot of drama in your life and you would like to teach about Theater. Here is your chance to show scouts what you know.

What ever it is, there must be something you can share. The first Saturday of December you show scouts what you know for only 1-2 hours and on the second Saturday of December they show you what they have learned. Take a look at the badges available and the requirements to see how best you can help out. Topics and requirements are all at <>. Then contact Robert Evens ( or Rick Curran (

Rick and Robert