Old Friends and New Faces

posted Aug 26, 2014, 12:09 PM by Chicora District   [ updated Aug 26, 2014, 12:09 PM ]


Old Friends and New Faces

We launched the new Scout year last evening at the Pentecostal Church in Conway. There were 53 people on the sign in sheet, but probably there were a few more than that. It was great to see the Roger Brocks who have seen every year for over 20 years, but there were lots of new people as well. Nearly every Chicora unit was represented.

Some people said we would never have enough food, but like always, people were taking home some goodies left over. We thank all those who make cookies, brownies and such.

Check out the new calendar. You will see that lots of things are happening, with October jammed packed with the most events. The Roundtable people remind us you will want to come early in September. They are planing a tailgate festival to rival most foot ball pre-activies. Mary says come at 6:30 for a dog with the works. The new Explorer Fire Rescue Post will be standing with band-aids for dogs with blisters.

In October we are going to have the famous “smiling Bob” tell us about the Youth Protection Program of the Boy Scouts. Who knows, he might just break into a verse or two of the “Grand Old Duke of York”.

In December there will be some experts to help you with your recharter and in February we will give a hand to all of those who make our troops and packs go as well as some very special people who have put a great amount of time to make the district grow and develop into the best district in the council.

I am sure we will have Diane invite the ARC or the American Heart Association to teach some needed life saving techniques.

So all in all we plan a very productive 2010-2011 year. Come along and join in. Everyone is welcome. There are things for the gregarious as well as the quiet. The new and old. The knowledgeable and the novis. Roundtable is a place to share ideas, resource and great times, among with the short and the tall big and small, smart and cleaver. We would miss you if you missed us.