Marine Corps League Honors Eagles

posted Aug 26, 2014, 11:44 AM by Chicora District   [ updated Aug 26, 2014, 11:44 AM ]


Marine Corps League Honors Eagles

Mr. Scott Slater is a member of the local Marine Corps League (Carolina Borders Detachment 1036).

Like many Veterans and patriotic organizations, he has a certificate that can be presented to new Eagle Scouts, usually at their Eagle Court of Honor. This certificate comes with no obligations and is presented solely to honor the young man on the occasion of his achieving this special rank. On behalf of their Detachment, he would like to offer this opportunity to our Scouts that attain the rank of Eagle. Again, there is no obligation and they ask nothing of the Troop or the Scout, other than the chance to present the certificate to deserving new Eagle Scouts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him via email or phone:

Scott Slater
e-mail: The Slaters
phone: 843.399.0669

Also each branch of service has a certificate available. A number of the patriotic service groups have certificates including the Senior Sargent's Association (Air Force). If there is a Fleet Reserve organization (Navy and Coast Guard) n your area, they may also have information. Check with your local recruiter. There is POW MIA group that comes with honor guard to present a certificate. The VFW and others have Scholarships.

For those Eagles going into the service, they need to take their Eagle Certificate to their recruiter to have a copy added to their service record. They may find it helpful at Boot Camp (Eagles are given additional leadership opportunities).