BSA and SC State Parks

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BSA and SC State Parks

Tomorrow the governor will hold a press conference announcing this program, please read

For Immediate Release – Sept. 15, 2010

Contact – Marion Edmonds,, 803-734-1370

New Partnership Between South Carolina State Park Service and Boy Scouts of America to Provide Opportunities for “Scout Carolina” Patch Awards for State’s Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

Columbia -- For the first time in its long history with scout organizations, the South Carolina State Park Service has a way to publicly recognize boy scouts for completing projects at parks. The new “Scout Carolina” patch, unveiled this morning by Governor Mark Sanford and leaders of the Boy Scouts and state parks, will be given to scouts who perform a variety of tasks that protect park resources and improve visitor service.

The new patch is part of a formal agreement the two organizations reached to expand on the relationship they’ve enjoyed since the early 20th century when scouts were formed and parks were developed.

“As a scout myself, I am proud to introduce this opportunity for the Boy Scouts of America and the South Carolina State Park Service to work collaboratively on conservation and stewardship projects in our 47 state parks,” Sanford said during a press conference this morning at Sesquicentennial State Park in Columbia. “Both the Boy Scouts of America and the State Park Service provide a valuable service to our communities, and this partnership will enhance their positive impact,” added Sanford.

Scouts can earn the patch by performing three major tasks while camping at parks –

· Practicing leave-no-trace camping for two nights at a state park in South Carolina

· Participating in an approved service project at state parks with their den, pack or troop, and

· Interview a park ranger about their career

The partnership also requires both organizations to develop a web site that outlines the opportunities scouts have at parks and the requirements needed to earn the patch.

“South Carolina’s state parks and scouts have enjoyed a close relationship for generations,” said Chad Prosser, director of the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism, which includes the State Park Service. “Now under the Governor’s leadership, we are taking that traditional relationship to a new level that will benefit our state parks while improving the scouting experience.”

During the press conference, Governor Sanford presented the first Scout Carolina patch to Eagle Scout Drew Moore of Columbia for building a portion of a new cedar rail fence at the historic log house located on the drive into Sesquicentennial. Moore and about five more scouts will complete the entire length of the fence before the end of the year. Such a project helps protect the historic resource of the cabin by clearly defining parking and walking areas.

“We are proud to be a part of this formal program,” said Chuck Ezell, director of Area 5 of the Southeast Region of the Boy Scouts of America. “The stewardship and service principles of state parks support our goals of character development in young scouts.”

For more information, contact Marion Edmonds at or 803-734-1370.