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The Displays will be the gauge that the public will use to measure the scouting program in this area.  This may be the only time that many people will get to see how healthy and robust the scouting program is in our district.  It will be this committees job to present the best face for the scouting program possible.  Further, and just as important, the displays may be the very tool that will be  used to recruit and maintain our current membership.  Robust displays will excite our current members and promote the scouting program to possible future scouts.  The Display committee will have a daunting task.

Develop your committee's budgetary needs and report your needs to the Finance committee 150 days before the event.

Contact possible commercial and nonprofit vendors for the expo.

Create a set of booth guidelines for all booths to follow.

Map out the booth area, and report to the signage committee your findings.

Have trained staff present on Friday and Saturday to assist everyone in setting up their booths, and providing directions as to where the booths will be located.

Contact units and encourage every unit to be present at the expo and to provide a booth.

Assist units in coming up with booth ideas, and implementing those ideas.

Assure that there are plenty of activities for the public and the scouts to participate in.

Work closely with the Judging/Awards/Signage/Paperwork committees.

Encourage units to create booths that are not only educational, but interactive for both the public and for scouts.

Make a written report as to how your committee's process went this year, and make recommendations for future years.  Include the Start, Stop, Continue Analysis in your report.

Reconcile any budgetary difference from the actual expenses.  Attach receipts to your reconciled financial report, explanations for discrepancies, and recommendations for future events to the Finance committee.